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Application of On - type Discharge Valve in Evaporation Crystallization Technology

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In the application of evaporation crystallization technology, especially in the intermittent crystallization of the discharge process, often encountered at the bottom of the material led to the valve can not open, the crystal can not be released in this case usually only use high pressure water rinse or steam purge To get through the plug the valve, not only time is slow, and very convenient. And on the development of discharge valve as a special discharge valve, you can better solve this problem. Its shape structure and practical application as shown:

On the display discharge valve for the bottom of the mold nesting, discharge, sampling and no dead zone shutdown operation. Which is welded to the bottom of the tank and other containers by means of the bottom flange of the valve, which can eliminate the residual phenomenon of the process medium which is easy to be discharged at the container. The unloading valve according to the actual situation, the bottom structure is designed as flat type, The body is V-shaped and offers two types of flaps for lifting and lowering. Valve body cavity wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant seals, valve sealing surface are covered with cemented carbide, sealed by the use of line sealing to ensure the reliability of the seal, and to prevent scarring.

Therefore, in the design of the mold system, the relevant technical personnel can choose according to the actual situation of such valves.