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  • Plate evaporator

Plate evaporator

Overview:Structure and principlePlate evaporator is a series of corrugated shape of the metal sheet stacked from a new type of efficient evaporator. Between the plates to form a thin rectangular channel, through the plate to heat transfer film evaporation. The vapo…
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Structure and principle
Plate evaporator is a series of corrugated shape of the metal sheet stacked from a new type of efficient evaporator. Between the plates to form a thin rectangular channel, through the plate to heat transfer film evaporation. The vaporized solution is heated in the evaporator and is rapidly gasified after boiling. The evaporation will bring up the liquid material to rise, form a liquid film along the heat exchange wall, so that the liquid is liquid film flowing through the heated surface, rapidly evaporating and gasifying, thus shortening the heating Of the residence time, enhanced the evaporation effect, with a high heat transfer coefficient, evaporation intensity and contact time is short and so on.


Related parameters
Working temperature: ≤ 180 ℃.
Operating pressure: 0.O5bara-8barg
 Applicable industries: chemical, steel, smelting, electricity, food, medicine, fermentation and other industries widely used.
Evaporation: 240T / H large flow using multiple parallel use.
Materials: 304, 316L, 254SM0, Ti, Ni, C-276, G3O, 310S.


Plate condenser
The plate chill is composed of a large steam inlet and two small condensate outlets designed for low pressure condensation. For optimum condensation, the hot and cold side of the flow path has a narrow width, so that the steam side is maintained A very low pressure drop, while the cooling water can maintain a certain flow rate and turbulence, so the degree of fouling to a minimum, to ensure the greatest heat transfer effect.


Main feature
1. High heat transfer efficiency: special corrugated plate design to produce high-intensity turbulence of the fluid, but also can make hot and cold fluid in the whole plate evenly flow, no heat transfer dead zone, can get a good evaporation effect. The heating steam and the steamed liquid are pure countercurrent heat transfer, so that the heating process of the steamed liquid is cleverly arranged with the steam condensation process from high to low.

2. Heat loss is small, energy consumption is small, low operating costs: due to a higher heat transfer coefficient, in the end of the temperature difference of 3-5 ℃, the plate evaporator can work. Due to the compact structure and small size, the outer surface area of the evaporator is also small, so the heat loss is also small, usually the equipment no longer need insulation. When used in MVR system integration, can save the compressor power, reduce energy consumption input. In the multi-effect evaporation can effectively use the effect of temperature difference, reduce the vacuum pump group power.

3. It is not easy to scale and block, with self-cleaning function: control the flow rate of materials between the board, so that the material at a very low flow rate that can reach a strong turbulent state, the formation of three-dimensional spiral flow between the board. Liquid turbulence in the corrugated flow channel, naturally not easy to scale and blocked.

4. Small footprint, easy expansion, easy maintenance: I developed the detachable plate evaporator, it is the biggest feature of the heat transfer element plate can be self-demolition combination. Increase the evaporation area or maintenance, only need to release the clamping bolt can be.

5. The use of safe and reliable, improve product quality: Seal between the plates on the design of the device 2 sealed, but also with a signal hole, in the event of leakage, can be excluded from the evaporator, both to prevent the steam and materials Mixed, but also played a role in the security alarm. Plate evaporator material retention is low, the heating time is short, start quickly, the thermal product is a good choice.


6. Save the cost of civil construction, saving space: plate evaporator (L film, forced circulation) process is simple, save installation costs and installation space, significantly reduce plant construction costs.

  • Plate evaporator
  • Plate evaporator
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