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What should be considered for choosing a multi-effect evaporator?

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Evaporator is also divided into many kinds of different use of the environment required multi-effect evaporator specifications and functions are not the same, many friends often do not know how to choose multi-effect evaporator, do not know when considering What issues to consider. In order to help you understand this problem, for everyone in detail:


What should be considered for choosing a multi-effect evaporator?


1, A corrosive solution, evaporation of corrosive solution, the heating tube should be made of special materials, or lining the inner wall of corrosion-resistant materials. If the solution is not afraid of pollution, can also be used direct heating evaporator.


2, The viscosity of the solution, the process of evaporation solution viscosity range is the primary consideration of selection factors.


3, A crystal precipitation solution, the evaporation of crystals when the solution should be used outside the evaporative evaporator or forced circulation evaporator.


4, The thermal stability of the solution, for a long time easy to heat decomposition, easy polymerization and easy to fouling the solution evaporation, should be used less stagnation material, short residence time of the evaporator.


5, The amount of solution treatment, the amount of solution is the selection of factors should be considered. Requirements of heat transfer surface is greater than 10 ㎡, should not use scraper stirring film evaporator; require heat transfer surface in 20 ㎡ or more, should use multi-effect evaporation operation.


6, Easy to fouling the solution, no matter what kind of evaporation of the evaporator, long-term use, the heat transfer surface will always have dirt generation. The thermal conductivity of the scale is small, so for easy fouling solution, should consider the choice of easy to clean and the solution circulation speed of the evaporator.


7, Easy to foam solution, easy foaming solution will produce a large number of layers of evaporation, not easy to burst the bubble, filled with the entire separation chamber with the second steam discharge, not only loss of materials, and pollution of the condenser. Evaporation of this solution should be used outside the evaporator, forced circulation evaporator or film evaporator. If the central circulation tube evaporator and suspension box evaporator separation chamber design larger, can also be used for the evaporation of this solution.