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Characteristics of the use of external circulation single - effect evaporator

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The outer circulation single-effect evaporator is widely used as a single-effect evaporator. It is widely used in the concentration of glucose, starch sugar, traditional Chinese medicine, western medicine, oral liquid, food, monosodium glutamate, chemical industry and dairy products with industrial organic solvent ) The recovery. So, what is the advantage of the outer loop single-effect evaporator in the use of the process?


Characteristics of the use of external circulation single - effect evaporator


1,The outer loop single-effect evaporator is simple, small footprint. Heater, evaporator with stainless steel insulation structure, the use of polyurethane foam insulation, the outer surface matte matte treatment, in line with GMP standards.


2, Concentrated liquid: the use of natural heating equipment and vacuum vacuum evaporation method, the evaporation speed, the proportion of concentration up to 1.3; liquid in the state of the whole sealed without foam concentration, the equipment concentrated liquid, With non-polluting, herbs thick characteristics, and easy to clean (open the heater on the cover can be cleaned).


3, Alcohol recovery: recovery capacity, the use of vacuum enrichment process. Than the old equipment increased by 5-10 times, reduce energy consumption by 30%, with a small investment, high recovery efficiency characteristics.