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Forced circulation of the principle of evaporation mold and the scope of application

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Forced Circulation Evaporation of Molds A Crystalline Circulation Continuous Mold. In operation, the liquid is fed from the lower part of the circulation pipe, mixed with the crystal slurry leaving the bottom of the crystallization chamber, and then pumped to the heating chamber. The crystal slurry is heated in the heating chamber (usually 2 to 6 ° C) without evaporation. Hot crystal pulp into the crystallization chamber after boiling, so that the solution reached the supersaturated state, so part of the solute deposited on the surface of the suspended crystal, the crystal grows. The product is discharged from the upper part of the circulation pipe. Forced circulation evaporative mold production capacity, but the product particle size distribution is wide. Evaporation mold is widely used in medicine, food, chemical, light industry and other industries of water or organic solvent solution evaporation concentrated and waste treatment, especially for heat-sensitive materials.